How much social value are you creating?

SportValueBank is a web-based portal allowing organisations in the sports sector to measure the social value created through their activities including community engagement.

What Is SportValueBank?

SportValueBank is a web-based portal using internationally-endorsed best-practice methodologies to allow organisations in the sports sector to measure the social value they create through their day-to-day operations and community activities. It can measure the social value of programmes and projects as well as of an organisation as a whole. It can help your organisation improve its effectiveness and impact by:

  • Identifying and articulating the value of your organisation’s activities to society.
  • Allowing you to develop robust evidence for sponsors, funders and partners about the effectiveness of your programmes.

  • Improving your impact by identifying programmes that make the greatest difference.

It is the largest and most comprehensive social value tool for the sector. It ensures that organisations have access to consistent and robust measurement that aligns with public sector evaluation methodology as set out by UK Government and the OECD. The tool contains values for 70 outcomes across seven areas:

SportValueBank takes organisations beyond traditional monitoring of programme outputs to quantifying the value that the programmes generate for society, ensuring that programmes are effectively evaluated, and their impact is consistently estimated. For each outcome, the tool provides a specific value based upon the participant’s age and gender, which allows for an accurate assessment of a project’s impact and outcomes in more deprived communities are given greater weight.

SportValueBank can be used to evaluate previous and current programmes as well as forecast social value for future programmes. 

Case Studies

Delivering over £400k of social value by preventing reoffending


Safe Hands is Everton in the Comunity’s flagship programme to support young people in Liverpool at the risk of reoffending. Between September 2018 and August 2019, the programme supported 30 young people with individualised support packages.

The programme’s outcomes were assessed using the SportVB tool including data on there key target outcomes: preventing reoffering, improved motivation and training.

SportVB showed that the programme generated £415,000 of social value, representing £2.60 for each £1 invested in the programme.

Zac Taylor, Impact Manager at Everton Football Club said “as well as being great to understand the impact of the Safe Hands programme, the SportValueBank will allow us to evaluate the return on all our programmes. The figures produced will allow us to get additional support from funders so that we can expand our reach and engage more participants across Merseyside and Halton.”

Allowing funders to identify the leader of the pack

Premiership Rugby have a range of programmes designed to support people who are not currently active, inspiring a legacy of long-term lifestyle change across the rugby fan community.

Data from one such programme were assessed using the SportVB tool.

SportVB showed that the programme generated just over £236,000 of social value, representing £375 of value per participant.  The tool was also able to show that performance of the programme varied across the partner Clubs, with the best performing club leading the pack by generating close to £600 of value per participants.

Charlotte Heywood, Community Events & Operations Manager at Premiership Rugby said “the valuation of the outcomes allowed us to compare the performance of our different partners easily.  It allowed us to take a holistic approach to the programme’s impact rather than focusing on a single performance indicator”.


Using social value measurement to drive performance

Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) has been bringing opportunity and social change to communities across South East London and Kent since 1992.

Charlton Athletic Community Trust have used previous Simetrica work to value the overall impact of their community work, focusing on the outcomes achieved by their 46,500 participants.

Their 2017 Impact Report showed that the organisation’s activities generated over £30million of value to society through improving education and employment, improving health and reducing crime.

Jack Palmer, Head of Research and Development, noted “effectively measuring our social value has revolutionised our engagement with our stakeholders – it gives us clear, robust evidence to put before potential funders and amplifies our message with the local community.

It has allowed us to make the successful case for additional funding to support our programmes.  This tool will allow us to continue to do this ourselves both quickly and efficiently.”

About us

SportVB was developed by Simetrica and The Harlequins Foundation in conjunction with Everton Football Club and Everton in the Community.

Research and policy consultants, Simetrica have become the recognised global leaders in social value measurement. Simetrica have co-authored and contributed to over 15 global guidance manuals on social value and policy evaluation, including the HM Treasury Green Book and OECD Guidelines. Over 5000 organisations around the world use Simetrica’s Social Value Bank tools across different sectors.

The Harlequins Foundation was formally launched in 2015 and is now proudly a significant influencer in the local community.  Guided by the vision of creating a brighter future for the next generation, the Harlequins Foundation works to inspire, educate and equip the young people it works with using the unique spirt of Harlequins and the power of sport to improve the life chances of young people.

Developed by Simetrica and The Harlequins Foundation, in conjunction with Everton FC and Everton in the Community.

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